Why should my child(ren) attend Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd.?

We provide children with healthy, high-quality care in a fun learning environment.


When can my child(ren) begin at WibbleWobble Childcare Ltd.? 

Our programs are for children aged three (3) to five (5). Children can enter our program in the year that they turn 3 years old. When space permits, enrolment can happen at any time throughout the year. 

What should we know about the Registration Fee? 

A $75 Registration Fee is required to secure your child’s spot on a Centre’s waitlist. This fee does not guarantee your admission to WibbleWobble Childcare Ltd., and is non-refundable. 

What is the monthly fee?

Monthly fees depend on the total number of hours of care required, and the location of the Centre. In general, fees range from $850 - $1,300 per month. 

Do I need to provide meals for my child(ren)?

Yes. All meals/snacks must be sent with your child every morning. No food will be supplied from the Centre. 

Can we arrange for gradual entry for our child(ren)?

Gradual entry is recommended for every child. It helps to make the transition from home and being in the Centre much smoother for the child. During your registration process, your local Centre will set up a gradual entry plan that suits both your child and your needs. 

What should my child(ren) bring with them to the Centre? 

A detailed list will be provided by your Centre staff. A few items to we suggest are: 

  • inside shoes
  • muddy buddy
  • rain boots
  • a crib sized sheet and blanket for nap time (only for students attending full days)
  • a hat for sunny days
  • sunscreen


What shouldn't my child(ren) bring with them to the Centre?

  • Toys or personal items that may be broken or lost. 


Is the Centre open all year round? 

Yes, our Centres are open all year round, except for a Winter Break, which runs from December 23 - January 3 each year. 


Do you have a Summer Program? 

Each centre has its own set of services, and a summer program may or may not be available.


Will you take my child(ren) to school? 

Fairfield Island has a before and after school service that transports your child to a nearby school. Little B Daycare, on the other hand, does not.


How do you guide children behaviour?

Each child is distinct in his or her own way. In a trusting and loving setting, children's behaviour is appropriately directed. When children gain confidence, they are able to articulate themselves while ensuring that there are people who are compassionate and understanding and will assist if needed.


Can I come see my child(ren) at any time during the day?

Yes, you are welcome to come see your child any time of the day.


Can I pick up my child(ren) at any time?

Yes, you can come pick up your child at any time. It is not permitted to pick up at a later time. 


What are your security measures?

The safety of the children is our number one concern. The Educators have received extensive training in order to keep your child safe in our community. Strangers are not permitted in the centre, and those wishing to visit must make an appointment. A child can only be issued to a legal guardian or someone listed on the parent's registration form. At any time, a photo ID can be required.


How do I know my child(ren) is/are enjoying your program?

Our teachers keep track of the progress of the students during the year. Parents may also meet with the teachers to address any questions they may have.


How do you deal with allergies? 

As educators, we provide a programme that is accessible to those of all types of allergies. We want to keep the risk of exposure to known allergens to a minimum.