Welcome to Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd.

Welcome to Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd.!

For many children, this will be their first time leaving the comfort and familiarity of their home to venture into a new and exciting world of discovery. Our goal at Wibble Wobble is to ensure that each child feels comfortable and secure while they spend their time with us.

Each year, Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd. reviews and revises the guidelines and policies outlined in this handbook to ensure our childcare standards continue to meet or exceed the requirements set up by our licensing bodies. Should our policies change, we will provide you with reasonable notice of modifications that will impact you and your child. 

At Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd., we bring the outside world into the children’s lives. Our programs provide a rich environment that promotes children’s active exploration in all areas of development: physical, emotional, linguistic, aesthetic, and cognitive. We go above and beyond the standards expected of childcare Centres. Our Centres were developed around the idea that quality childcare and education should be home-like. At Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd., we provide a warm and inviting environment in which children can grow and learn. Our Staff nurture and encourage each child’s individual needs. 

Our team at Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd. aims to achieve the highest quality care for your child. Please feel free to contact your Centre Director on any matter regarding your child or the Centre. If you would like further information about your Centre or Wibble Wobble Childcare Ltd., please do not hesitate to contact us at wibblewobblechildcare@gmail.com.

We look forward to sharing your child’s early years with you and your family. 


Amrit, Eesha & the Wibble Wobble Team.